Bitcoin : A non-segwit batched transaction with 759 outputs was 25.989 kB

Bitcoin : A non-segwit batched transaction with 759 outputs was 25.989 kB

Probably beating a dead horse by now and preaching to the choir. FYI, this was done on LTC. But the amount of space it takes up in the blockchain would be the same for BTC.

1. A batched non-segwit transaction with [759 outputs was about 25.989 kB](
2. If we assume 26 kB equates to 780 addresses, the maximum # of outputs in a 1 MB block through a single non-segwit batched transaction would be about 29,000 addresses.
3. Visa does 24,000 transactions per second. A 10 minute block would require 14.4 million outputs just to match the demand of a global payment system that Visa is doing alone.
4. This would require at least 492 MB blocks.
5. In one day, this would take up 70.8 GB on your computer.
6. This clearly exposes the limitations of on-chain scaling as it is unrealistic to expect a block to be filled with just a single batched transaction. Also the fact that it would just take 14 days for a 1 TB hard-drive to get filled highlights the need for off-chain solutions such as the Lightning Network.


You can read the full breakdown here: [](


edit: Mixed up my segwit calculations so I removed it.

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