Bitcoin : Beware The Narcissism of Small Differences

Bitcoin : Beware The Narcissism of Small Differences

[The Concept]( is one of the primary foundations for why the strategy of Divide and Conquer is so effective.

Many of the attacks on particular individuals in the community over the last couple of weeks are designed to prod at the innate aggresiveness of humans. This type of message can cause you to have an intense gut reaction of otherness for people you do not hold in high esteem.

I would urge everyone, if you feel an urge to say someone is morally wrong, or has questionable motives, or is doing something abhorant, pause for a moment to take a step back.

In the time you take, attempt to recalibrate yourself to the big picture and ask yourself if they are doing something so damaging that it is worth the cost of tearing at the fabric of your community. The answer may still be yes, but keep in mind that the greatest empires and organizations throughout history were built on systems not that enforced moral beliefs, but rather that gave people of differing opinions a means of living with one another.

That can be by force or by choice. Now you must choose.

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