Bitcoin : Bitmain, be smart and don’t just dump all your BSV. I explain

Bitcoin : Bitmain, be smart and don’t just dump all your BSV. I explain

If you dump all of your BSV right now, you’ll most likely crush the price. It would be nice seeing this crappy attempt of an attack being burned to the ground, but that might not be the best strategy for yourself or for Bitcoin Cash.

Differently from us common folk, Your Whaleness really can’t profit much by dumping all of your BSV quickly. You’ll end up selling them for pennies. On the other hand, if you do hold most of them, they will constitute a major **warchest** in the event Calvin Ayre decides to burn his millions in an attempt to pump BSV. You could, if that ever happens, create a Great Sell Wall at a higher price (say, 0.8 BCH, for instance), making it much more expensive for them to pump BSV above BCH and forcing Calvin to transfer millions to you.

By burning your stash right away, you’d be exchanging your warchest for what would amount to change money in your portfolio, leaving the path free for billionaire Calvin Ayre to pump BSV.

Please, consider your strategy carefully!

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