Bitcoin : [Bored@work] We shouldn’t let Fruitgers die!

Bitcoin : [Bored@work] We shouldn’t let Fruitgers die!

Imagine I have a great idea for a burger – it has fruits in it! I think the idea is worth persuing, so I create an ‘open-source’ company, called Fruitger and create a document explaining what’s it all about: burgers with fruits in them! Everyone is welcome to join. Independent companies open doors and start selling Fruitgers. Some put apples in them, some use avocados. It’s all great. We reach a lot of people and build a brand.

Well, one day a private company called Blockfruit starts selling Fruitgers too. It’s just that their Fruitgers don’t have fruits, but nuts, and are more like pizzas. Not only that, but they deem anyone else selling burgers with fruits not eligible for the name Fruidger. Somehow all of the places we use to discuss Fruitgers are now controlled by Blockfruit and they use that power to not allow anyone to talk about neither fruit nor burgers! Soon new people coming into the space, seeing talks only about pizzas with nuts, start believing that’s what Fruitger’s always been about! People selling actual burgers with fruits using the brand are getting attacked – mostly name calling, like scammers and alt-burgers.

We have to start all over again, demonstrating the taste of a real Fruitger.

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