Bitcoin : Can’t buy looking for suggestions

Bitcoin : Can’t buy looking for suggestions

It’s been a year since I bought any btc. I have fully verified account on coinbase, uphold and block chain for my wallet. I’ve made numerous purchases in the past using my debit card.

It appears my bank blockes debit transactions for crypto. I called my bank and they told me to suck it. Tried using a capital 1 cc I have and found out capital 1 also blocked crypto. I know that I can still use bank transfer, but it takes 14 days to process and I was hoping to have this coin today or at least sooner than half a month away. I understand prepaid debits won’t work, so I won’t even try.

I decided to open another bank account, this one at key bank and ordered a debit that will be here in a week. I don’t know if that’s gonna work, there is literally no info online as to whether keybank has blocked coinbase too or not.

What are my options here? I figure there has gotta be some financial institution that isn’t sitting on a damn tree, so who is it?

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