Bitcoin : Coinness Exclusive Report From the Fouth issue of CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation (GPCTE) –

Bitcoin : Coinness Exclusive Report From the Fouth issue of CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation (GPCTE) –

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Coinness has brought the live reporting from the release of the Fourth Issue of Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation (GPCTE) on August 17th.

In the ranking by the CCID Research, a Chinese IT media initiative working under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, EOS retains the laurel crown and Bitcoin has finally made it among Top 10. Meanwhile, the new issue has added two new public blockchains, named NULS and Tezos.

Each issue of the GPCTE will contribute to a monthly media splash upon its release. However, the evaluation process remains behind the curtain, which leads Coinness to another interview with the head of the Evaluation, Dr. PU Songtao. For answers to questions regarding the integrity, purposes, and such of the Evaluation, please read on.

**Coinness: We heard that now blockchain startups can apply to be assessed by CCID. Is there money or “benefits” involved in any form and in any way? Will that be why NULS and Tezos are listed this time?**

PU: The application form has yet been officially published, and in other words, no blockchains listed on our ranking is a result of voluntary application. We will enable the application mechanism in September, by which time the applicants can sign up on our official website. The basic requirements for a successful application **include (but not limited to) a block explorer and open-source codes.** If a public blockchain fails to meet the aforementioned requirements, then it will not be included in our assessment. Currently, there are 10 more projects applying through other channels, which I’m not at liberty to disclose. But I can assure that you will see for yourself in the fifth issue coming next month.

**Coinness: How do you evaluate the integrity of the CCID’s assessment model?**

PU: The CCID mainly looks into the technological front, which shall not construe as any investment advice. But please bear in mind that the top-ranked blockchains do not necessarily deliver the best technological functionalities, though it certainly meets the basic standards required by CCID. We can only guarantee that we set the even ground for all public blockchain, and would not permit any tampering of results.

**Coinness: Why does EOS remain the top spot?**

PU: It happens as a result of our evaluation model, without any subjectivity involved. The EOS developers are very diligent with updates, on top of that the data capacity of the network is quite large. The block time of EOS is fairly short, when compared to BTC and ETH. However, the official wallet still needs time to perfect itself. In short, EOS is eligible to bear the responsibility to serve as benchmark for future public chains.

**Coinness: Why Bitcoin finally made Top 10 in the fourth attempt?**

PU: The main reason is that we detect fairly active updates of Bitcoin recently, which adds to the score of the “Innovation” dimension. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is the father of cryptocurrencies and has a determining influence on its offsprings, which cannot be overlooked. But we can see the “Technology” score is short of impressive.

**Coinness:Why the two new comers, NULS and Tezos, failed to perform well?**

PU: These two public blockchains still need time to fledge their functions, which results in a relatively low score. It is not long since NULS and Tezos launched their mainnets and not so many transactions are processed on the chains. But we do see active updates of both blockchains.

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