Bitcoin : Crypto Miner needs some affirmation

Bitcoin : Crypto Miner needs some affirmation


I started mining crypto back in Aug of 2017. So I paid a pretty penny for my equipment. I also even paid $2500 for one of my antminers s9 🙁 because I didnt know any better, but I also paid only $300 for one s9 antminer due to a coupon with bitmain. I have been adamant about keep my 4 gpu rigs running with my 3 antminers as well. It seems like since I have been mining the price has just kept on going down and down and down, while I continue to try to make my money back, and paying for electricity. I have not cashed out a single coin, I have been holding everything. With that being said, due to the cost of electricity and downward spiral of crypto I am thinking of pulling the plug, selling my equipment and just holding what I have. I am a firm believer of Crypto but can not keep footing the bill for electricity. Do you think I should I stay or should I go? Do you think Crypto will go back up and is worth footing the bill for the electricity until it does go back up? Any POSITIVE motivation or insight would be appreciated.

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