Bitcoin : CSW/Coingeek are BTC supporters trying to take over BCH, fact. Now speculation: cobra-bitcoin is related to them, so is blockstream!

Bitcoin : CSW/Coingeek are BTC supporters trying to take over BCH, fact. Now speculation: cobra-bitcoin is related to them, so is blockstream!

It has been some time already I have this suspicion.

That CSW is a BTC supporter is very apparent from all his actions. Guy who claims to be satoshi that never moved a finger before the fork to salvage btc from blockstream shit, and after the fork and his failed take over being clear declares he has as much btc as he has bch. Never threatened btc but threatens bch. nChain’s business model is very similar to blockstream’s in that they hope to direct development to the profitable side of their own businesses.

Of course I have no “proof” of the connection with cobra, but just connect the dots.

Cobra has been a vile anti-BCH troll from inception, but suddenly he starts to support BCH (with tweets, nothing concrete as per usual, just like csw). Cobra, suddenly, also finds probable that csw is satoshi.

I couldn’t care less about bitmain, but I notice how the agenda of both is pure anti-bitmain the whole time, just like blockstream’s. It is an obsession. I don’t think they have any desire to see BCH succeed as long as they can displace bitmain/jihan. Bitmain is an obvious menace because they can fund anything they want and build anything they want, including directing hash to any client they want.

I’m not sure why bitmain didn’t crush blockstream, but I guess it was well-done social engineering from blockstream’s employees and shills, what convinced the ecosystem to continue displaying their token as bitcoin.

NChain tried the same with BCH but this time they failed. If only craig shut up maybe they could have succeed in getting social support. But why is it that Craig is so obviously ridiculous and insane and, still, apparently normal people behind him find it ok to continue to link their image to him? Because he has some satoshi key? Why would they jeopardize their own take over attempt?

Don’t forget that the cult of core is pure anti bitmain while they accept the most cringe-worthy “supporter” who utters the same crap they do and “more”, with “more” being jimmy song/tone vays/Giacomo zucco occasional mental diarrhea. They also openly support and retweet the biggest morons in blockstream, the biggest being Sansom mow, a guy who no serious company would ever choose to be a spokes-person because he is ridiculous in debates, behaves like a trollish teen and has low intelligence.

It is so similar to Prof. Fraudus that makes one wonder: are these people so detached from reality that they can’t seem to find a professional spokes-person who will do all the talking? It might be tht they don’t care for some reason.

Blockstream and nChain are alike businesses, the difference is that blockstream’s bet is in their bank-tailor-made line of products, while nChain’s is patents and a hope for bank-tailor-made products as well, as declared by the chief charlatan over and over again (“fuck anarchists, I want to do business with banks and the government”). In both cases they employ shills and minsinformants, this is beyond doubt for anyone following social platforms.

So what the fuck is going on? Both are fucking identical in some many aspects, with a “cobra-bitcoin” in the middle shitting on the same common enemy, bitmain.

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