Bitcoin : Do you guys remember in January of this year when I made a couple of videos with my local soccer buddy Frank? Well we want to start a local Bitcoin Cash soccer team. We already got sponsor that has promised us a 1500 CAD in BCH and we are looking for more.

Bitcoin : Do you guys remember in January of this year when I made a couple of videos with my local soccer buddy Frank? Well we want to start a local Bitcoin Cash soccer team. We already got sponsor that has promised us a 1500 CAD in BCH and we are looking for more.

I am talking about these videos with Frank. [1]( and [2.](

/u/jarenfeser, who was donated [massive amounts of BCH to our community]( is also from this region (Central-Alberta)

So my friend /u/oscar_salas93 from Maracaibo in Venezuela is going to help us with designing Bitcoin Cash jerseys and socks and shorts.

We want to play in the [7 vs 7 league in Red Deer.]( You can find more information about it here. [Here is how a friendly co-ed 7 vs 7 looks like in Red Deer.]( We have both a man vs man league and a co-ed league were man and woman play together. For the first year it might be better to take an existing team and play 6 vs 6 in the [Collicut centre]( because that would give Bitcoin Cash more exposure. There is a team called [FC Latin]( that I have played with last season. They are interested in the sponsorship but it would mean a name change of the team from FC Latin to Bitcoin Cash.

The plan is to use this as a vehicle for me to have a reason to talk with merchants about Bitcoin Cash. Frank is one of the best players in Red Deer (but I am not very good)

Also the next worldcup after the next worldcup will be hosted in Canada, Mexico and the United States. So soccer in Canada is going to grow towards that. Somebody get Bitmain on the line, they should get themselves a soccer team in the [MLS]( and sponsor it.

Having a team play in Red Deer and also play tournaments in Calgary and Edmonton will promote Bitcoin Cash in Central-Alberta.

I have a friend who is a day trader, [Jason.](
I have a friend who is now a miner, [Chad.](

I play soccer in Red Deer with people from all over the world but especially migrants from Africa and South-America. These countries are the ones that are ripe for Bitcoin Cash. BCH can help the governments of these countries with their currency problems.

I want to organize Bitcoin Cash meetups in Red Deer with help from the Bitcoin Cash Association. If meeting are organized in Calgary, that is a 3 hour drive from Edmonton and the other way around. It makes sense to have these meetings in Red Deer instead and attract the people from Edmonton and Calgary.

I already have a place in Red Deer that might be interested in hosting the meetings and accepting BCH natively or through bitpay.

In this regard we drastically need a cheap PoS system that I can offer to the merchants, rather then they having to figure out that stuff themselves. Telling them to use their phones just won’t work very well. When I onboard merchants it would be amazing if I can just give them a device that will allow them to accept BCH. We got to make this barrier entrance as low as possible and provide everything.

I also have contact with a journalist that works for the Red Deer Advocate, the local newspaper has [had an article about Bitcoin Cash in their paper.](

And one of the people interested in playing in our new team is part of a family with some Donair restaurants. We should have no problem on boarding them.

Red Deer has a very large community from South-Sudan and also lots of peopel from South-American countries like Peru, Venezuela and El Salvador

Since people in those countries are hearing more and more about Bitcoin Cash we should make sure the same happens on the other side. So that when families support each other that will start happening with BCH rather then fiat.

Because of this relationship and the work that eatBCH is going, it will also be easy to go to the churches here. Of 100 000 people in Red Deer, 10 000 go to church every Sunday.

The value that the Bitcoin Cash community and these Churches share is … well sharing.

Anyway, nothing is stopping from massively marketing Bitcoin Cash in Red Deer. If the community here get behind this plan we can make this happen in the next 12 months. I am know in Red Deer locally as a busker who [plays the piano](, so next summer I am going out with Bitcoin Cash QR codes for the first time.

It’s all coming together and the community here should not hesitate or waste a moment to pour some capital in to Red Deer to promote Bitcoin Cash and open the right doors for the future. Mining is done in [Medicine Hat](, [Three Hills]( and [Drummheller]( Bitfurry and Hut8.

There might be massive interest for what we are doing and Red Deer is already the transport hub of Central-Alberta. [If could become the transport hub for Bitcoin Cash as well.](

When the [Stampede]( happens again next year in Calgary we should be ready to market Bitcoin Cash to people from all over the world.

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