Bitcoin : Dodgy Calvin

Bitcoin : Dodgy Calvin

•Is Calvin Ayre dodgy or what?


The documents shared with NBC News show that many of those individuals in the Panama Papers with a U.S. connection have been accused, indicted or convicted of various kinds of fraud or serious financial misconduct. The documents open a window on how some of these individuals used offshore entities to engage in, or hide a variety of criminal activities, while others used them to move money around clandestinely.

The documents also contain information about how at least two other significant operators in the online gambling world were using offshore companies, although –- as in Ayre’s case –- they do not suggest any kind of illegal or improper activity.


•Now he says he’s OK with working with the US government? Wtf is going on here.

->Bitcoin SV is government friendly [](

And what is up with this hilarious article FUD-y Bitmain/China article, with multiple accusations (lol! at the background!) [](

•United Corp – who in the h is this?


Wtf. Seriously. Can someone tell me what Calvin Ayre’s true intentions are? Yeah I know he’s saying he wants 2 GB blocks by 2019 bla bla bla. But what’s really going on..


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