Bitcoin : Enough with the conspiracy theories?

Bitcoin : Enough with the conspiracy theories?

There’s a large number of people in various social media now pushing narratives that are purely speculative. As a counter-measure, consider the facts that we know:

1) The relay issues are mitigated but not solved – we still need to parallelize and optimize the clients to handle significantly higher load: 32mb blocks are not enough, 128mb blocks are also not enough.

2) Many nodes are updates, but not all are. Many nodes have sufficient hardware backing them to handle millions of TX’s per hour, but not all have the RAM and/or I/O needed. Some will fall out – remember that if they’re important for business they will come back online again.

3) The stresstest tools used in the previous test were new and unrefined, so the old tests limitation no longer apply, therefor it is good to revalidate our assumptions and see where the current bottlenecks are.

4) Hash rate percentages are interesting, but is still a relative term to some arbitrarily choosen timeframe. Actual exa/peta-hashes working on BCH compared to available hashes for the algorithm is still very low so fluctuations in valuations of the BCH token can bring in, or push out, huge percentages on short notice.

5) All three “camps” has some merit – to some people. Your opinion might be different from mine, but in the end Bitcoin is fundamentally a human experiment. Before assuming people are malicious, consider the alternatives: they could have different experiences, ideologies. They could also just be plain stupid, or they could be uneducated. Each explanation for their behaviour warrants a different response to their actions.

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