Bitcoin : Google did not bring back crypto ads, at least not yet

Bitcoin : Google did not bring back crypto ads, at least not yet

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As a major advertiser and large spender, I’m very familiar with the system. The ads you may see are just old ads that haven’t gone through the new filters/re-reviews yet. They were created a long time ago, got reviewed once, but haven’t been re-reviewed yet.

If you try to create a new ad, it may or may not go up momentarily, or if you activate an old crypto ad it may go up momentarily until it gets re-reviewed. The roll-out for the crypto removal started several months ago and slowly has worked its way through the system. Even though they said June, it started back in like March. It’s not a quick, instant removal of all ads. It’s largely an automated process that just happens when it happens. I’ve got ad disapproval notices for ads that have even been in deleted ad groups from years ago that were long since against the rules. This is not a quick on/off switch.

In fact, just an hour ago I got an ad disapproval email from Google for a crypto exchange. These ads were paused a while ago and only now did it get disapproved. In theory I could have had them run, though eventually they would disappear. 6 ads were all disapproved at the exact same time today with this same reason for all of them:

Disapproval Reason
Restricted financial products : See the policy:″

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