Bitcoin : Hacked over 50k stolen from binance/poloniex ill give half to whoever can get it back

Bitcoin : Hacked over 50k stolen from binance/poloniex ill give half to whoever can get it back

Hi yesterday someone stole 50k worth of btc/eth and sent it to this address from binance and poloniex. I have no idea how he got access to my 2FA and how he was able to login to my gmail and all my passwords. I was relatively inactive and did not login to these accounts in months. He used as the IP address I’m not sure if its a proxy or not. I have access to my email again and changed all my passwords and 2FA. I am waiting for binance to approve my reactivation, and my poloniex account is locked. (he disabled my 2fa and possibly changed it I’m talking to poloniex but they take forever to respond)

I live in Canada and was also wondering if I can report this to the RCMP or police to see if they can investigate.
I traced down most of my btc to that account and eth to this account but some of the eth in that account is not mine only the most recent eth transaction of 53.4. Poloniex did not even send me an email to confirm the transaction withdraw, but it didn’t matter anyways because he bypassed my 2fa and had access to my gmail which also has 2fa.

Edit2: I wanted to let you guys know that I found Binance emails in my trash folder, but not Poloniex emails. It seems he deleted a bunch of Binance that asked for confirmation for withdrawals but for Poloniex there was no emails available not even one were it says he logged in from Italy or to confirm hes withdrawing

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