Bitcoin : Here is how to create a Tippr bot for Youtube

Bitcoin : Here is how to create a Tippr bot for Youtube

this is to answer [this thread about creating a Tippr bot for YouTube](, I am creating a new thread to get more visibility because I think this is important after reading many comments saying it cannot be done.

**Here is how to do it:**

on youtube you get a notification when someone replies to your video or comment thread. To tip the video creator, the user needs to PM the bot (a specific youtube account) after crediting his account, with a Firefox/chrome extension this can be done effortlessly without leaving the video page.

Then all the “tipprbot” needs to do is to point the video creator to another website by posting a comment to the video. On the website the channel owner can claim his bch if he can prove he is the same as the tipped user.

Programatically proving you are a specific youtube user is easy. The tippr bot sends you to a website that asks for a BCH address and gives you a code that you must type in response to the tippr bot comment on youtube. Then the tippr bot checks that the code and channel used to answer are both right. If all is right the bot sends the payment to the specified BCH address.

The BCH tipped can also accumulate for this channel owner if he doesn’t claim it right away, and the total amount can be displayed with the history of all tips when he finally comes to the tipprbot website to claim all of it at once. The total amount can also be displayed in the youtube comment posted by TipprBot so that the incentive to claim for the channel owner rises with the total amount accumulated.

(thanks to u/[dudebrolmao3000]( and u/[temtemy]( for inspiration, [u/rawb0t]( what do you think ?)

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