Bitcoin : Hodl Hodl introduces a new feature: Lower exchange fees for staying online

Bitcoin : Hodl Hodl introduces a new feature: Lower exchange fees for staying online

Dear Hodlers,

Today we introduce a new feature at Hodl Hodl – lower exchange fees for staying online.

**Quick summary**

Based on feedback from our users, we understand that everyone wants to see other users online at Hodl Hodl, otherwise, when starting a trade, nobody knows when it will advance from there.

So from now on, every user will get an exchange fee discount for staying online.


Starting from today, Hodl Hodl now gives a discount of 20% off the exchange fee for being online for at least 8 hours within the past 24 hours.

We placed a timer in every user’s dashboard, which indicates how much time you need to be online until your discount is applied. When you reach the required time online – we’ll indicate in your dashboard that you are receiving the exchange fee discount.

Please be advised, the “time online discount” is applied at the moment the trade starts.

**Reach us via**

Hodl Hodl exchange:

TESTNET Hodl Hodl exchange:







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