Bitcoin : I am preparing a Q and A with CSW: Let me know what do you want to ask him

Bitcoin : I am preparing a Q and A with CSW: Let me know what do you want to ask him

As per title: No obvious troll questions or anything related to altcoins or anything silly.

People misunderstand him and he is scapegoated some times.

Yes his Twitter and frequent lashouts doesn’t help, I agree.

But he makes valid comments on certain things and has a wealth of knowledge and experience and understanding about things both inside and outside Crypto and we can learn from him.

Thanks post below, and I will consider it and let you know.

Will ignore trolls. Don’t care what you do or think.

**EDIT – No more questions**

Will send out list on Sunday/Monday and share link here on Sunday/Monday.

This will be in a Medium post format

I could not add all the questions, I received questions from other sources, PM and rest are mine that I wanted to ask, I tried to combine many questions and prioritised some.

I originally asked for 20-30 questions, but ended with 61 most have sub questions. CSK agreed and didn’t mind.

I will ask later for part 2 in 6 – 9 months time.

Dr Craig Wright said he will answer them in a series, given I broke then into 3 summary categories. Personal, Business and Technical

“Q&A/Written Interview with Dr Craig Wright”

**EDIT** I received a reply for questions 1 to 18 – WOW

View the link


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