Bitcoin : I just finished reading The Bitcoin Standard. These are my thoughts.

Bitcoin : I just finished reading The Bitcoin Standard. These are my thoughts.

When I started investing in cryptocurrency I didn’t understand anything about it as I am not extremely good with computers and I have zero knowledge about coding.

I initially invested as I assume most do and that was to make a quick profit. However the more I studied blockchain technology the more I started to understand it, and it kept leading me back to Bitcoin. Once I had read the whitepaper a few times I was down the rabbit hole and was consumed with understanding it.

What followed were months of trying to understand all the ins and outs of Bitcoin without having a solid understanding of cryptography. I gained knowledge but everything was still above my head when it came to the intricate details. It was then that I heard about the book The Bitcoin Standard.

The book is absolutely perfect for anyone who is mildly interested in Bitcoin, it begins with teaching you how to understand money, what was first used for money and why that certain form of money either succeeded or failed.

It then dives into economics, the two different kinds and why they are both fundamentally wrong, the amount of detail in these chapters is so easy to understand and leaves you with a solid understanding of why empires succeeded or were destroyed.

It then submerges into the history of Bitcoin, who created it, and how it was created. It simply explains to you how everything is linked together from the miners to the nodes, to the average user like you and me. Every concept is easy to grasp and leaves you with a solid understanding about all of it.

In conclusion; this masterpiece will have you questioning economics to their very core, wondering how and why we have accepted our form of money up to this point. The book will blow your mind about what money is, and it will make you understand why more and more people everyday still want to hold and use Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Standard is a must read if you’re a crypto enthusiast.

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Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority.
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