Bitcoin : “If Bitcoin falls to ($XXXX), I’ll (insert something about buying the dip)”

Bitcoin : “If Bitcoin falls to ($XXXX), I’ll (insert something about buying the dip)”

Where are all you phaggots? Earlier this year, that’s what everyone was saying.

All I used to see on this sub were comments like:

– “If Bitcoin falls 90%, I will liquidate all assets and go all in”

– “I hope Bitcoin falls. Would love to buy some on sale.”

– “Buy the dip!!!”


Now it seems the majority of posts are extremely negative and the hate for Bitcoin is stronger than ever.

When Bitcoin was on a bull run, people were projecting $50,000, $100,000, hell even >$250,000 per coin. When things are going great, people predict the good times will continue forever (example: Bitcoin’s December 2017 run). When it falls hard, people are scared to put some skin in the game, until they FOMO in when it’s too late.

To people that made posts saying you wish you got in when the price was lower… do it then.


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