Bitcoin : Is keeping my crypto on Coinbase still safe in current market ?

Bitcoin : Is keeping my crypto on Coinbase still safe in current market ?

I have been buying in over the last 5 or so months. Well, not anything major but for my income it has been . ( near non existent what do I have to lose ). Anyways, I have used coinbase and kept my coins with them so far. I have ptsd about using a wallet on my pc.. Because I lost a hardrive back in the day and I’d be very, very rich right now from what I’d mined if I had not. Also the nano looks good but I’d be so paranoid about having everything on a thumb drive basically it would drive me nuts..
Getting back to my question, with the market the way that is atm and the price drops how much is it hurting exchanges ? Coinbase is backed by actual cold storage correct ? Even if the worst happened I’d still be alright as far as my coins being safe with them I hope. Everyone preaches using a wallet is the only way to go on here. But as far security in the fact that I’ll get my coins even if coinbase went belly up tomorrow I should be ok right ?

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