Bitcoin : Jimbtc is a shill

Bitcoin : Jimbtc is a shill

I just noticed that jimbtc posted the following [thread twice]( I couldn’t figure out why he deleted it, [since the original thread contained the same title and content]( Then I looked more carefully at the [image it links to]( Notice the text at the bottom:


> <<< NEW POST 69bb3c154289716F9BA58C594E7D59A9A99D0B69 >>> COMMENTS: (to be posted around 19:00UTC for maximum lunchtime exposure on West Coast)

We, the BCH community are under attack.

EDIT: He just deleted the picture. I grabbed it and just [uploaded it to imgur](

EDIT 2: I’m shaking. Even I didn’t expect the astroturfing was this professional and organised.

EDIT 3: Looks like I got got. jimbtc, you are a master troll. [His explanation post checks out.]( The hash jimbtc includes really does checkout to the message:

>This is a fake troll post message intentionally designed for someone to find it in my screenshot, just to see how ridiculous people can go into thinking I am a shill. Proof of LOL I call it

EDIT 4: u/imaginary_username has observed that this looks like evidence that jimbtc routinely covers his ass when he makes posts that might include his post template, given the risks of sloppiness with the sheer volume of actual shilling he does. Moreover, leveraging a post like this as cover for future shilling from jimbtc and other nChain Dragon’s Den associates could potentially win them rhetorical victories, though not logical victories. No timestamp was included that would connect the hash to any specific post. 20 minutes before jimbtc made his post revealing revealing the prank Devar0, [a known nChain Dragon’s Den member](, made [this knowing post](, suggesting Jim may not be just trolling us by behaving like a shill, and may be coordinating his efforts with the Den:

>Please do tell.. what’s that shit at the bottom?

Draw your own conclusions from this whole saga.

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