Bitcoin : Just Got a Call from “Coinbase”

Bitcoin : Just Got a Call from “Coinbase”

I just got a text from Coinbase giving me a verification code for my account, which I didn’t initiate.

Then I got a call from “Coinbase.” The guy on the line said I needed to change my password. When I told him I’d call Coinbase back, he stuttered and said, “Uh, what for? We’re on the line now.” I told him to scam someone else and that I was calling the FBI (lol). He called back and started with how I needed to change my password. I again told him not to call me and that I was going to contact the FBI.

I don’t use Coinbase anymore (don’t really dabble in cryptocurrency anymore), but I changed my password (online, not over the phone) anyway.If someone calls asking for sensitive information, tell them you’ll call the company back and give it to them then. YOU be in control of the call, not them. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up!

Edit: Apparently, the number that called me [(888) 908-7930] IS from Coinbase, according to an article posted by u/[obavijest]( ([]( Still not sure why THEY would call ME, especially since I haven’t used them in over a month. He was specifically calling about changing my password, and after the 2nd time I picked up, he told me to click the link in my email. I find it suspicious that he wasn’t okay with me calling them back, and to click a link in my email.

Edit 2: yes, I know number can be spoofed to look like the real thing. That’s why I told them I’d call them back, didn’t give them my information, and posted this.

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