Bitcoin : Let’s focus on technology & adoption. That’s what matters.

Bitcoin : Let’s focus on technology & adoption. That’s what matters.

Dear community,

Don’t get distracted by the drama, focus on making BCH the best form of money and spread adoption since this is what truly matters in the mid to long run. The goal of Bitcoin is to free humanity from bankers and fiat printing out of thin air.

When the next global recession hits, current financial system will get wiped out since none of the fundamental problems were solved after 2008. Interest rates are very low so the only way to boost economy will be to print a lot of fiat money leading to hyper inflation. Humanity needs an alternative means of exchange which is also resistant to inflation. This is the time when BCH can thrive, protect wealth and reach all time high valuations since it’s meant to be used by both poor and rich and is capable of scaling.

By contrast, BTC is likely to struggle in crisis times when huge influx of new users start joining the space leading to high fees and bad user experience. It’s not capable of handling more than 300k transactions per day without massive fees.

The business cycle is in the last phases before changing the trend and diving down. Give it 1-2 years and we will see fireworks when BCH goes truly mainstream due to uncertainty in world’s economy.

So we need to prepare for those times when banks go bust and huge influx of users happen. Let’s focus on technology and adoption. Respect each other and collaborate since we are all in the same boat. We all need Bitcoin to work well and be useful when recession hits. This is the goal of Bitcoin as implied by the message in the genesis block.

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