Bitcoin : Lightning Network is a Bottleneck for Development on Bitcoin-Legacy, while Bitcoin-Cash is Blooming

Bitcoin : Lightning Network is a Bottleneck for Development on Bitcoin-Legacy, while Bitcoin-Cash is Blooming

I keep [seeing trolls posting how Bitcoin-Legacy is better because they have so many more github commits]( compared to Bitcoin-Cash, claiming that the development is so much more advanced with the Bitcoin Core “Dream Team” as [Trace Mayer calls them]( However they seem to fail to understand the [technical debt]( segwit and other additions from Core adds to the system. Its like politicians who write laws in order to to fix the unintended consequences from other laws they made before. Should we also consider the regulatory bureaucracy a success if politicians pass many laws? I don’t think so.

When examining Bitcoin Legacy, I just don’t see much development going on anymore. Everyone is scrambling to get Lightning Network working, and show proof of concepts and things. But it seems until they solve the [routing, liquidity, user interface, and other problems](, its kind of like a technical bottleneck. There is also a danger that this is going to lead to [centralized hubs for LN](, which could result in [KYC/AML requirements and permission for hubs]( This makes it not even very exciting if LN does become successful and used. In fact, it even was a [false narrative]( that segwit was needed for LN, and [we even have payment channels built on BCH already as well]( Not to mention with a strangled blocksize like on Bitcoin-Legacy, LN acts as [the strangler fig](, and allows a vector for complete usurpation of Satoshi’s original model by the legacy banking oligarchs. Core brags about Schnorr signatures, but [some are even saying Schnorr could come to BCH even before BTC-Legacy](

Then on the other hand I see Bitcoin-Cash has cleared the technical bottleneck by increasing blocksize. I see a flurry of activity on the development side, not necessarily even on the protocol, but on top of it. We have things like,, and things like the [chainbet protocol]( We have tip bots like tippr, and even on-chain tipbots like People are coming out with all of these [new token proposals](, and [colored coins](, and [cashshuffle](, and other things. Businesses like satoshidice are being revived. People are making cool games like, and These things are no longer possible or feasible on Bitcoin-Core with the [giant fees]( and [unreliable transactions](, but on Bitcoin-Cash we are able to build again. The market seems to be moving on.

Trolls will point to market cap and say that we in the Bitcoin Cash community are losing, but when examining other metrics we are actually succeeding and winning many battles. We are attracting builders and innovators back to Bitcoin. It really seems like the market is in a bit of delusion phase right now. If you look at [coinmarketcap](, all of the top blockchains are [not even really currencies anymore]( They are utility tokens, and [crypto assets]( and things like that. There are dozens of these obscure blockchains with billion dollar market caps and its kind of bizarre, they are not being used for much utility in the real world. I think its just a symptom of the blocked progress on Bitcoin the #1 Blockchain ledger, but now Bitcoin Cash is the [common sense continuation of that ledger]( and we are finally seeing advancement again.

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