Bitcoin : Managing world value with Bitcoin

Bitcoin : Managing world value with Bitcoin

Hello everybody !

I like economics and cryptos so I will provide you with a baby mix of both.

In order to survive in this cypto bear market (which is a great opportunity to accumulate each month if you believe in it), reading books on economics / cryptocurrencies and searching for some real facts turns out to be very useful.

Hereunder you will find what I thought to be interesting. Don’t be discouraged by the length, I am almost sure it will bring you some value.

Here are some interesting numbers and calculations according to Visual Capitalist 2017 VS Bitcoin :

– The total value of the world listed equities is $80 Trillion, bitcoin is 1.4% of it

– The total broad money is $90 Trillion (including banknotes, money market, savings, time deposits), bitcoin is 1.1%,

-The total global debt is $215 Trillion (governments, corporations, households), with $70 Trillion added the last decade alone (since the financial crisis), bitcoin is 0.47%

-Global Real Estate is $217 Trillion, bitcoin is 0.46%

-Derivative market is $544 Trillion (low end estimate on a notional contract basis, haha), bitcoin is 0.18%.

As you can see, even if you like to measure bitcoin versus $ (and don’t view bitcoin as an unit of account), you should be very bullish if you believe in its fundamentals (e.g technology, network) and in a potential global adoption as a medium of exchange and/or store of value and/or unit of account.

It means that if Bitcoin reaches $250,000 (like Tim Draper predicts) or $4.4 Trillion total market capitalization, it will still be very small in this dollars value/money world.

Kind regards everybody.

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Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority.
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