Bitcoin : MtGox Civil Rehabilitation claims now open. EVERYONE WHO CLAIMED IN THE PAST MUST CLAIM AGAIN.

Bitcoin : MtGox Civil Rehabilitation claims now open. EVERYONE WHO CLAIMED IN THE PAST MUST CLAIM AGAIN.

Announced today on MtGox’s website:[](

People who never claimed in the past should be able to claim under Civil Rehabilation, so it is not too late.

Deadline is **October 22nd 2018** to fill a claim. If you lost your credentials/old email used to sign on MtGox, you will not be able to claim online and will need to claim offline, so **DO NOT WAIT.**

If you submitted a claim in the past on MtGox or with Kraken, **YOU NEED TO CLAIM AGAIN**. The procedure changed from bankruptcy to civil rehabilitation and you need to submit a claim. I believe you might lose your claim if you do not submit one under the civil rehabilitation process as bankruptcy is no longer in play. Kraken is also no longer involved.

Under civil rehabilitation, your claim is not a fixed price per BTC at time of commencement of bankruptcy. Everyone will be entitled to their fair share of all remaining BTC held by the trustee. Claims will not be locked in at the 50058.12 JPY valuation per BTC and Mark will receive nothing. Value from claimed forks (BCH, etc) will also be distributed or sold then proceeds distributed.

All documents are published on the website. It’s a long read, but all the details are there.

Edit: It appears the system currently has some issues. If you have trouble logging in for the claim, try switching from username to email for login. If you’re trying to logging to the balance checker, the login doesn’t seem to update and it uses your original MtGox password. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

>There used to be about 200k BTC for 800k BTC claims, or about 25% of BTC, although about a third was sold for fiat by trustee, from top of bubble all the way down to 6k. I believe average was estimated around 10k USD per BTC. So people should expect to receive about:
>- 17% of BTC amount in BTC
– 17% of BTC amount in BCH
– 8% of BTC amount x 10k USD
– Pro-rata share of other forks proceeds

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