Bitcoin : My experience setting up BTCPay Server on Ubuntu 18.04 first using manual and then docker method

Bitcoin : My experience setting up BTCPay Server on Ubuntu 18.04 first using manual and then docker method

Few days ago, I asked how to accept Bitcoins as a payment on the website and /u/BTC_Forever and others pointed me to BTCPayServer, After many hiccups and technical realizations I was able to complete the installation of BTCPayServer.

Lessons Learned

– BTCPayServer-Docker I think does not require manual installation of Bitcoin core, NBExplorer and LetsEncrypt’
– Ubuntu Partition could be resized without losing any data
– Email Server settings requires SMTP connection information
– Domain and SPF records needs to be configured
– Pay Button do not require BTCPay WooCommerce Plugin.
– Segwit and Standard address only differs in the address format but are on same blockchain
– Private Keys are not stored on the server, so you can use VPS hosting

Confirmation from Experts
Although I am pretty sure, but nevertheless require confirmation from experts regarding following things

– Does BTCPayServer-Docker, installs all components required for e.g. NBXplorer, Bitcoin Node, letsencrypt
– If the BTCPAYGEN_ADDITIONAL_FRAGMENTS is used, is the node still a full node
– Segwit wallet if possible should be used instead of Standard wallet
– SMTP is being used to authenticate user account so SPF may not be required.

Go with BTCPayServer-Docker, it will save you 72hrs and few nights of sleep.

– Install Ubuntu 18.04
– Install .NET Core
– Configure DNS, Create A or CNAME Record and Add IP to SPF
– Install using BTCPay Server-Docker.
– Create Store, Download Walle and Add Derivation Scheme,
– Thanks and Donate to Nicolas Dorier.

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