Bitcoin : My message to trolls and saboteurs against the adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin : My message to trolls and saboteurs against the adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

To all the trolls and saboteurs (you know who you are), I have a message for you. I will never ever give up dedicating my life to the spreading of Bitcoin Cash to the world. You can hunt me down, troll me, harm me, but you will not stop me. I will have to die to stop doing what I do. I believe in God and I live with a clear conscience so dying doesn’t bother me very much.

All you trolls and saboteurs on the other hand, may not see how your evil actions indirectly correlate to the millions and possibly billions of born and unborn lives suffering, dying, all unnecessarily because of your actions. All their pain, suffering, deaths are the effects of your actions. There is no excuses; You are responsible. Are you certain you want to accumulate all these bad karma? Think about it.

People like me, I will never give up when I know I am doing the right thing. And doing the right thing is what life purpose should be about.

Update: The fact that this thread attracted so many salty trolls makes me feel happy and vindicated, lol. It is like the contents triggered something within them and they feel so emotionally upset and triggered. =D

Update: Since this thread blew up, I will add the link to how p2p money have real impact on people around the world.

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