Bitcoin : PSA: HowTo build a cheap & secure wallet

Bitcoin : PSA: HowTo build a cheap & secure wallet

1. Download TAILS
2. Install TAILS
3. Boot TAILS

4. Download a javascript wallet generator

5. Go offline

6. Create the wallet

7. Create an XKeePass DB to store the private key

8. Protect your KeePass DB with a very strong but easy to remember sentence

9. Create as many wallets from any kind of upcoming wallet for free

This approach is more secure than paper wallets as it uses cold storage on a very secure operating system.

You are now much more independent and flexible than you would ever be with buying a super expensive hardware wallet (that is basically a product with planned obsolescense)

You need an OS like Tails in any way if you do serious online trading and dont want to be hacked easily.

**You can use TAILS for being the most secure trading platform with integrated cold storage multi wallet.**

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