Bitcoin : Reminder – 2 months remaining for MtGox rehabilitation claims

Bitcoin : Reminder – 2 months remaining for MtGox rehabilitation claims

To whom it may concern:

We hereby announce that we made available, on August 23, 2018, an online rehabilitation claim filing system (the “System”) on MTGOX’s website ( that enables users (“Users”) of MTGOX Co., Ltd (“MTGOX”) to, among others, make online filings of their rehabilitation claims in relation to MTGOX’s rehabilitation proceedings (Tokyo District Court 2017 (sai) No. 35; the “Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings”). Also, we announce the commencement of, among others, accepting filing of proofs of rehabilitation claims by offline method to rehabilitation creditors who are unable to file proofs of rehabilitation claims through the System.

Please visit the website and file your rehabilitation claim by the end of the period for filing of rehabilitation claims (i.e., October 22, 2018).

General instructions and FAQs concerning proofs of rehabilitation claims, including the methods for filing proofs of claims through the System and by offline method, are available on the MTGOX website ( Please refer to these as well. We plan to provide further information on the civil rehabilitation proceedings by posting it on MTGOX’s website ( We kindly ask you to check the website.

This email address ( is used only for the purpose of the Trustee sending messages, and we cannot check and respond to any replies to this email address.

Finally, this email is sent for the purpose of providing information to those whose email addresses are known to the Trustee and those who may have rehabilitation claims. Receipt of this email does not mean that you have been certified as a rehabilitation creditor. The Trustee owes no legal liability to anyone due to the transmission of this document.

Civil Rehabilitation Debtor: MtGox Co., Ltd.
Trustee: Nobuaki Kobayashi, Attorney-at-law

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