Bitcoin : Risks of Wallets Accepting DSV Transactions

Bitcoin : Risks of Wallets Accepting DSV Transactions has announced intention for its wallet to run the new Bitcoin ABC v 0.18.2 client after the protocol upgrade and before one chain emerges as dominant.  The new Bitcoin ABC client adds a controversial new OP_code (OP_DATASIGVERIFY). has stated that its wallet will add OP_DATASIGVERIFY as a default to all transactions sent from its wallet.  By stating that all transactions will utilise OP_DATASIGVERIFY, there is a real risk of users losing their funds if the chain supporting OP_DATASIGVERIFY does not eventually survive.  This same risk would apply to users of any other wallet that also runs the new Bitcoin ABC 0.18.2 client and includes OP_DATASIGVERIFY in their transactions as default after the protocol upgrade and before one chain emerges as dominant.


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