Bitcoin : @satoshi twitter suspended for “impersonation”. Congrats on thwarting fraud early

Bitcoin : @satoshi twitter suspended for “impersonation”. Congrats on thwarting fraud early

It’s unclear to me how much Craig actually plans in advance for when his scams are inevitably exposed, but it is clear that he’s benefitted greatly from the lag on exposing his lies. Whenever he’s made a big splash, he gets some really favorable headlines, articles, forum posts, etc. Three years ago, when Wired “outed” (ha) Craig as Satoshi, they later updated their article with an understatement: “New clues following the publication of this story have shown inconsistencies in Wright’s academic and supercomputing claims …”. However, the article still stayed up mostly unedited.

Also, take, for example, this post on metafilter that happened after he did the “Sartre signing”:

Metafilter is typically a reasonably smart crowd, so it didn’t take long for them to catch up and notice it was fraud, but the headline and the first few posts still indicate “Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto” as if it’s a definitive fact.

Craig survives on these crumbs of perceived legitimacy.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen this time. When the @satoshi stuff broke, there were a dozen or so reddit posts, a lot of confusion regarding whether it was Satoshi or Hal’s key, a few brags from Calvin Ayre and his affiliates, and then it was quickly determined to be fraud. The @satoshi account deleted its own tweet, Twitter suspended the account the next day, and the story was completely ignored by non-crypto media outlets.

Well done, everybody.

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