Bitcoin : ShapeShift stole 2.5 BTC from me! They are not responding anymore!

Bitcoin : ShapeShift stole 2.5 BTC from me! They are not responding anymore!

ShapeShift stole 2.5 BTC, they froze the funds and are not refunding me! Here’s the chat conversation:


Aug 7, 12:37 PM MDT

Hi there, The funds sent to the ShapeShift platform in TXIDs





have been frozen due to violations of the ShapeShift Terms of Service. **Prohibited activities and the consequences are outlined in Section 3.** Please ensure that you have read and understand the Terms of Service prior to using the ShapeShift platform. Any use of the platform is deemed acceptance of our terms as they may be modified and amended from time to time. If you do not agree with any of our terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing the platform.

Thanks,ShapeShift Legal

Assistant Manager of Customer SupportCBP*Please note manual returns and outputs are currently running 1-3 business days.


I sent them this message:

Hello. No problem, I made a mistake and did not read your terms. I was using a vpn but I am actually from Canada. I will not make that mistake again. Please, refund my funds to this bitcoin address:


Or to the return address  made in the transactions. You are not allowed to steal my cryptos because I did not follow your terms, but you are allowed to refund me and not let me use your service which I accept completely. I will not use your service anymore.

If you do not agree to refund my hard earned bitcoins, please send me your lawyers contact info and we will handle this matter in court. We’re talking around 2.5 BTC, this is not a joke. That’s $15,000 USD.

Also, if you do not agree to refund my money, I will make a promoted post on reddit with all our email conversations and make sure this word goes out to every one on reddit. Telling people that shapeshift might steal their funds.

You have 48h to refund my bitcoins.


They did not reply to my emails!!!


I need this money to pay for my school!! They stole it from me! I bought these bitcoins with my hard work!! Please tell shapeshift to refund my money…

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