Bitcoin : Something is not clear for me regarding BIP152!

Bitcoin : Something is not clear for me regarding BIP152!

I researched a bit about BIP 152 and looked into Bitcoin code, and I have few unanswered questions:

* It seems from the code that there is a limit on the number of transmitted transaction every trickle (INVENTORY_BROADCAST_MAX = 7 * INVENTORY_BROADCAST_INTERVAL). Meaning someone limited a node to gossip about seven transactions/sec on average. This creates a possibility of unfairness: if many high fee transactions are originated from the same node, some of them will be approved slowly (against everyone’s interest).

* The limit mentioned before creates a situation where transactions propagated slowly, meaning that there is a high chance a node won’t have a recent transaction in its mempool (even if it’s a very high fee transaction).

* I would guess that sometimes miners would like to include privately held transactions in a block, or transactions that were sent directly to them and not yet propagated in the system.

* Given all those points and the statistics Greg Maxwell had published about his node not having all the transactions in a compact block in rare cases. I can assume that either his node is extremely well connected or miners (who have high interest in a quick spreading of a block) include only transactions they believe most of the nodes hold. The latter being, for my opinion, a negative effect of BIP152.

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