Bitcoin : Status of fork?

Bitcoin : Status of fork?

Was wondering, I am following status via []( At the moment Bitcoin SV is 6-8 blocks behind, and though there is no trend in time of blocks behind on coindance, I believe this number in blocks behind is decreasing, and has even been about 45-48. There is a percentage ahead of PoW reported of about 42 %. What does this mean? Does it mean that this has come to 0 at the point Bitcoin SV is 0 blocks behind? Can SV become even in blocks with much less hashpower? Does hashpower of SV not have to become higher than 50 % for some time if they want to win? I heard a lot of exchanges claiming that they follow “the longest chain”. So I suppose that at the moment one of the 2 is hardforking away (giving up) the other party can claim ticker BCH (as exchanges at least accept this). Can this even be at ABC some blocks behind? Can somebody clarify? Thanks.

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