Bitcoin : Stop programming Start acting

Bitcoin : Stop programming Start acting

Every once in a few weeks I look into this forum.

Every time I see the same behavioural patterns.

Humans with limited consciousness fighting each other over and over again about unimportant things. These conversations are fueled by very smartly designed psychological manipulation.

Then there are these geek tools being developed over and over again, for people who already use bitcoin anyway…

**The purpose of programming is not programming to feel almighty, but to provide solutions to real world issues.**

When will we realize this whole forum is a pool to distract from the real challenges which would come up if we would go outside and observe how we can make adoption really happen?

Talking things doesn’t change the world, we have to do things and not just do anything, we have to do the most important thing, which is get wallets installed and PRACTICE with the dumb sheeps

They need clear instructions and someone to hold their hand, this is how they have been raised!

**Spread the wisdom, discover the neighborhood! Introduce the family, donate them some bitcoins and explain them WHY bitcoin is so important and SHOW THEM how they can use it!**

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