Bitcoin : Thank you Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin : Thank you Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash

Throw away account.

This post is just to convey my whole hearted gratitude to Bitcoin and the btc community.

My husband and I recently had an unfortunate accident. I escaped with minor injuries but he was seriously injured. There is no proper healthcare in our country and we are not rich, so we could not afford a private hospital. We had only debts and were living paycheck to paycheck.

Luckily, he was investing small amounts of money into Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash since September last year. We had him operated 2 weeks ago and he is responding positively to medication since last week. I am sure he will be thrilled to know that it was our Bitcoin money that saved us.
He was always passionate about Bitcoin and could talk for hours about how it will change the world.

Well, at least it saved my world :). All I can say is thank you to the wonderful currency and community. Have a wonderful life people 🙂

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