Bitcoin : The connection between Core Scientific, NVIDIA, and progPOW (and possibly CSW/Coingeek).

Bitcoin : The connection between Core Scientific, NVIDIA, and progPOW (and possibly CSW/Coingeek).

**My previous post on this subject:**

* [NVIDIA has funded the team responsible for the development of ProgPOW.](

* [NVIDIA is engaged in a proxy war for future of proof of work. They call it “progPOW” and the first target is Ethereum. We must stop it now before it reaches Bitcoin Cash.](


* This was posted 3 days ago: [The Stealth Takeover of Ethereum](

* “*ProgPOW is the brainchild of Nvidia and Core Scientific. Core, a stealth startup run by ex- Microsoft COO Kevin Turner and CTO Kristy-Leigh Minehan, has recently raised over 100M USD”*

* Today, as if right on schedule: [Core Scientific Joins NVIDIA Inception Program](

* [Core Scientific CTO]( Kristy-Leigh Anne Minehan [accused of corporate espionage]( by her former associates.

* Peter Nelson, [Senior ASIC Design Engineer]( at NVIDIA [talks to Kristy about algorithmic improvements](

**CSW Connection:**

* Calvin Ayre and CSW “[plotting the death of BTC and all Alt Coins](”.
* Kristy-Leigh Anne Minehan [attends Coingeekweek](
* Kristy-Leigh Anne Minehan in [Core Scientific Headgear]( photo shoot with “ and Lead On-Site Reporter, Interviewer & Host”.

* Coingeek is conducting a [reverse merger]( into Squire Mining. Squire Mining will literally become Coingeek.

* Squire Mining is [promoted as a partnership]( on [Core Scientific’s site](
* Squire Mining is [seeking to acquire’s assets](
* Squire Mining has [appointed CSW to its advisory board](
* Squire Mining [builds ASICs](

* Taras Kulyk is [Squire Mining’s CEO]( Before that, he led [CoinGeek Mining and Hardware team]( where he oversaw the development and growth of one of the largest crypto mining fleets globally.

My next post will attempt to prove a deep connection between CSW/Coingeek and Core Scientific. If anyone can find public information regarding this connection, I urge them to come forward independently. I have previously posted that progPOW is a danger to all PoW coins, and CSW claims he wants to control all of them them. It makes sense that he’d want to do it with progPOW.

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