Bitcoin : The forbidden word “Blockchain”

Bitcoin : The forbidden word “Blockchain”

Tl;dr: I’m being banned from using popular online tools, because my website features the word “Blockchain” once.


just wanted to share a personal experience that, in my opinion demonstrates the current state of crypto adoption.

Last month I made a website for a new technology company of mine. On our landing page we use the following sentence:

## social media. blockchain. vr. ar. ai.

Disappointed, we recently realized that because of this one sentence:
– we’re unable to run ads on almost any social media platform
– we can’t use tools like Mailchimp to send e-mails

All of their Terms of Use algorithms somehow think that we’re trying to sell cryptocurrencies and thus they’re banning us, although all we do is merely acknowledging the existence of a thing called “blockchain”…

Yes, there are ways to reverse such bans, but anyone who has ever been in contact with for example the Facebook support knows how difficult it is to do this and how long it takes.

This made me think:
If, as a super small player, you’re not even allowed to advertise your website’s content (which is not at all related to blockchain) when it uses the word “blockchain”, how is real adoption supposed to happen? Is this another reason why we need decentrelization or is it proof that cryptocurrencies were abused so much, that such bans are rightful?

Would love to hear some opinions.
And no, I will not remove the word from the website…

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