Bitcoin : Tipped my Lyft Driver with She was So COOL!

Bitcoin : Tipped my Lyft Driver with She was So COOL!

LAX airport, this lady picks me up.
We start talking and she runs a company with her son.
Oh, how interesting? My senses were tingling.

She killed me with her stories.
Her son is a gamer. So they opened a [gamer streetwear!]( company, and their lineup is real neat. (i promised to shill

Anyway we talked about how crypto and gaming are often overlapping communities. We talked about twitch and tipping. She told me they had shopify, so I told her to look into coinbase commerce and bitpay.

I tipped her phone with Cointext, because I didn’t want to have her download an app while driving. It was my first time, but it was super easy. The only suggestion I have to cointext team. **Let me type QR Receive to get QR of my wallet please!** My wallet isn’t always the phone I am texting with!

Plus she told me about what they are doing with LA schools, including giving kids t-shirts and nintendos and shit for being good. One girl got a bunch of movie tickets for returning a hundred dollar bill she found at a grocery store. She went with her mom, brother and the old lady who had lost the money.

That made me feel good.

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