Bitcoin : u/Kain_niaK, I don’t want your money.

Bitcoin : u/Kain_niaK, I don’t want your money.

Yesterday after the Charlie Lee and Roger Ver debate video came out u/Kain_niaK made a bet that I couldn’t complete a lightning payment to one of the 4000 merchants that CoinGate enabled if successful he would pay me 1 BCH. You can see our exchange here He lost. The video of my transaction is here: So far he has sent me around .1 BCH and has stated he will pay it in increments. I am here to let him and all others know I am forgiving his debt. If he wants to move forward with payment that’s on him but I am not interested in frivolously shaming and taking money from someone who needs it for his other real life obligations. $500 to me isn’t easy to come by and I assume the same goes for him. I intend to return the money he already sent.

The thing is we all know why we are here, aside for those looking to make a quick buck, and that’s to see the embodiment of real life sound liberating money. Something the world needs to move to the enlightenment of mankind. After watching his youtube videos at the guy just seems like a normal dude who like all of us is excited about this technology. u/Kain_niaK doesn’t seem like an asshole and doesn’t come off like a real arrogant rich twat like some in this space. If that were the case I would have no problem taking his money. He is a normal person who has struggles and finds enjoyment in certain things.

u/Kain_niaK I am also a piano/keyboard player. In fact my that is one of my life’s greatest pleasures. My username CP70 is in fact a reference to the Yamaha CP70 electric piano. What say you that we put this behind us, be more open to our opposite communities and instead have a chat about our instruments and bands we enjoy? That is more interesting to me.

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edit2* u/Kain_niaK has agreed, funds have been returned and he wrote a wonderful little tune to boot. Thread is here:

Tune is here:

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