Bitcoin : Wallet/URI support for OP_RETURN

Bitcoin : Wallet/URI support for OP_RETURN

I have a few use cases at the moment for services I am working on where I would need a user to attach an OP_RETURN to particular transactions. The use-case for this is that it allows one to track a particular wallet address for a transaction without having to act as a mediator of exchange (i.e. first receiving the payment to a controlled address and then forwarding it to the target address). Acting as a mediator of exchange carries high risk (potential for forwarding service to get hacked) and introduces a lot of technical overhead.

The bitcoincash: URI format appears to be based on BIP-21, which does support other params, but has only defined “amount”, “label” and “message” explicitly. “Label” corresponds to an address (e.g. Luke) and message corresponds to a message stored client-side in the wallet (not committed to the chain). If wallets added support for another parameter, like “op_return” for example, this would allow services to generate QR Codes/URI’s that could contain transactions which could then be tracked for fail/success without the service having to act as a mediator of exchange.


The services that I am working on where this would be very useful are:

1. A Donate-Direct Charity service.
2. An Open Source Bounty service.

However, I can see some other use cases here.

1. Comments service – Here I’m referring to something similar to Disqus. A user types a comment on a page, but in order for that comment to be submitted, they must scan a QR code and post it as a BCH transaction. The URI might look something like:

2. Accounting – Similar principle to how current Direct Deposit works. Attaching an ID for the reciever so that they can identify the transaction.

3. – Great service, but in a similar manner to how Twitter contains a “Share” button with pre-filled text, this would allow a user to simply scan a QR code and “share” a comment natively through their wallet application.

If wallets started supporting this functionality, I’m sure there are other possibilities opened here also.

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