Bitcoin : Warning to BCH community

Bitcoin : Warning to BCH community

nChain and Coingeek have lost the HashWar and Nakamoto Consensus favors BCH by a long shot. This does not mean that they are not going to keep fighting. Their new narrative is that the battle was not fought fairly and that they alone follow the White Paper with genuine hashpower that will sustain the network.

Ryan X. Charles, CentBee and HandCash will make a public statement in the coming days where they pledge their allegiance to the newly created nChain/Coingeek BSV-Chain. I know they already have kind of done that already, but it was in the shadow of them winning the ” HashWar” and following the “Nakamoto Consensus”.

They will most likely come out all at once in order to create a massive PR stunt about how they will follow SV even though they put their businesses at risk. They have followers with no technical background but with a loud message that they are the only ones to follow SV.

Meanwhile they are still keeping the BCH chain hostage because most exchanges don’t know what to do. Most large exchanges are not allowing Deposit or Withdrawal of BCH. What a s***show.

This is a warning to all my fellow BCHers. I love you all. Hard times ahead.

Watch out for these newly created narratives. Take everything you read with a pinch of salt and always, and I mean ALWAYS, think for yourself.

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