Bitcoin : What can cause slow transaction propagation?

Bitcoin : What can cause slow transaction propagation?

Last night (Eastern time) I sent a transaction that immediately showed in BU []( -qt as broadcast to 4 nodes. An hour and twenty minutes later it first showed up on Blockchair, as having been relayed through 16 nodes. Once Blockchair saw it, it got confirms in the next two blocks. BU was still catching up with its sync when I sent it, but an earlier tx was completely normal.

What can cause this kind of propagation delay? It seems so unlikely that I would have connectivity to those four nodes (I had many more (20?) peers pinging at the time) but that those four nodes on various ISP’s would be sharded off the rest of the network. I mean, there’s a chance they could have all been under DoS conditions, but it seems like a poor hypothesis.

Mempool was normal, txhighway was showing normal usage, there was a fee on the tx. My firewall didn’t show any abnormal traffic levels (no DoS here).

Anything I can look for (I’d rather not paste the txid on a public forum) for clues? Any theories to explore? Is there a site that logs tx broadcasts (was BU telling me the truth)? The timing did not cause me any problems (other than not sleeping for one more hour) but I’d like to know for the future. 0-conf starts to look sketchy if the real conf happens at +1:40 so I want to have good info for when I talk to merchants (I’ve been telling them under half an hour).

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