Bitcoin : When u/nullc (greg max swell) joins the party, you can be certain there’s an avalanche of trolls sowing discord.

Bitcoin : When u/nullc (greg max swell) joins the party, you can be certain there’s an avalanche of trolls sowing discord.

Recently nullc posted this: [This subreddit’s abusive treatment of deadalnix isn’t much of a surprise…](

What can you read there right off the bat? Over generalization blaming “this sub” (= BCH community) for witch hunting deadalnix, when this is empirically untrue, as untrue as equating deadalnix’s BCH slack ban with a community act.

First of all, the BCH slack was created *for CSW* explicitly. It is not a general community slack. Second, if the sycophants running that slack wouldn’t ban rizun and deadalnix, they would of course be excluded/downgraded themselves in the CSW worshiping ranks, so they acted according to their mission. It is simply not a community slack in the broader sense of the word and everybody gives this enormous importance only because CSW claimed to be satoshi, although never ever provided any sound proof of it.

If you guys don’t know, deadalnix wrote a blog entry criticizing segwit months before the fork, and greg was the first to rush and attack him personally for that. Here:

SegWit and technologies built on it are grossly oversold

Notice that in that piece deadalnix is also denouncing the censorship in BTC community:


>When someone is lying continuously to you to sell their tech, rely on censorship, be sure they have ulterior motives. Do not buy or you’ll get scammed.

Greg “champaign” maxwell immediately starts his last post by generalizing those actions to the whole BCH community, *just like regular trolls have been doing*. So he starts whatever he wanted to argue there with a malicious non sequitur that he hopes will catch on if repeated enough times.

Isn’t it funny that he is posting in a subreddit he hates so much? And is trying to imply BCH is fraudulent? This is true for many sock puppet accounts I lost the count of, which is a bit of a sociopath behavior if you ask me.

Here you can find something really fraudulent: [Fun fact: did you know that Greg Maxwell was a LITECOIN miner and even coded for it from the day of launch??](

So nullc and other shills employ a very old known tactics we all see in protests: they enter the protest with some slogans unrelated to the issue to create some correlation and push their political agenda. They try to capitalize in the chaos.

It doesn’t really matter if CSW is good or bad, or if amaury is good or bad. The issue has always been that one party wants to lock in the protocol, the other party has different technical ideas and that’s pretty much it. They cannot reach an agreement because both are alpha dogs. It has nothing to do with this sub, blockstream, trolls, whether BCH is bitcoin or not, really nothing at all.

I’m not sure why greg left blockstream, maybe he was booted, maybe he simply got rich with his litecoin scam and just got out, but it is pretty ironic that he is displaying concerns on how BCH community behaves, isn’t it?

This is how greg treats his old partners:

[Can you show a single thing in the project he [Adam Back] has ever influenced?](

Adam’s Back must be hurting…

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