Bitcoin : Where can you buy Bitcoin Cash with VISA/MasterCard hassle free?

Bitcoin : Where can you buy Bitcoin Cash with VISA/MasterCard hassle free?

I’m trying my best to on-board people to BCH and one guy was going to buy it right then and there. I know you can buy BCH on with a credit card so I told him about it. “It can be easily bought with your credit card.”

He reluctantly entered his personal details on this website he had never visited and continued to finalize the purchase. However then he was told to photograph both sides of his driver’s license. After much hesitation he finally did take the photos but right before uploading the pictures he did a google search for the payment provider that used and sure enough he got a bunch of scam warnings and “do not use”-threads. So he ended up cancelling the purchase and haven’t bought BCH to this day because of it.

This is ridiculous, having to enter personal details and even a shipping address (?!) for buying crypto is one thing since the store can probably see those things anyway when buying using a credit card. But having to photograph your driver’s license is one step too far. It adds a ton of hassle and even more uncertainty. Especially if the payment provider gets accused for fraud in the first couple of google results…

When I buy a pair of shoes online I don’t need to photograph my driver’s license in order to do it, why on earth should it be more complicated when buying crypto? It makes it much harder to on-board people. At least tell your customers that they need to photograph their driver’s license BEFORE they start the buying process so it’s not an unpleasant surprise at the very end.

**Does anyone know of any sites that allow me to buy crypto with VISA/MasterCard without needing to jump through hoops and photograph ones driver’s license or passport?**

Preferably ones you have used yourself so you can be 100% sure they are quick and easy to use. I want to be able to tell people it takes 2 minutes to finish buying Bitcoin Cash (no accounts, no verification).

I’ve looked at for places btw but it’s impossible to know which ones that want your license or passport at the end of the payment process.

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