Bitcoin : Who likes crypto desserts?

Bitcoin : Who likes crypto desserts?

Guys, lets do a thought experiment. Imagine there is an ice cream dessert (lets call it X),it contains 2 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream and portion of fruits and all of it comes in a waffle cone.

Then some people decided to improve the recipe. Lets call it “A”. They replaced ice cream with pudding, cone with rectangular waffle, changed whipped cream to jam and got rid of the fruits.

Other people wanted to expand the original recipe, lets call it “B” and they added even more ice cream, allowed to add chocolate sprinkle, icing, caramel or combination of above.

Now imagine the group in favour of “A” decided to use the “X” name (eg. ice cream dessert), while denied “B” to use the same name.

“B” considers itself more in line with original “ice cream dessert” recipe and tries to convince everyone, that they are more ice creamy than the “A” and that they have the right to use the name.

“A” believes “X” recipe was wrong from the start and wants to be called “ice cream dessert” and “B” shouldn’t.

What do you think? Which dessert do you want?

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