Bitcoin : Why BTC can never go to 100k, but BCH can.

Bitcoin : Why BTC can never go to 100k, but BCH can.

What the core people don’t get is that there is a direct correlation between blocksize (scalability) and price.

If you’re a good trader, you would know that transaction count is a valuable information when trading because it shows the demand side.

When the transaction counts hit certain numbers, and blocksize becomes full, people search for cheaper coins to move their holdings.
Aka substitute goods.

Here is the thing. Before 2017, Bitcoin was able to survive halvings without tx fee replacing the reward. So simply doubling the price after halving was possible as the network never hit the ceiling.

Today is different. We know exactly when the blocksize will be full and know when people search for alternatives due to high fee.

Even if we don’t consider utility or the value in medium of exchange; even if we solely view bitcoin as speculative asset, Bitcoin is doomed to fail at the next halving.

All BCH needs is BTC’s 2020 halving and another bull run. The search for alternative ends in Bitcoin Cash.

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