Bitcoin : Why we are all trapped in the hash war illusion. And why I choose the “zero option”.

Bitcoin : Why we are all trapped in the hash war illusion. And why I choose the “zero option”.

Bitcoin is a decision (hash war) machine. On average every 10 minutes an epic battle is won or lost.

In regards to the 15th Nov “scheduled” hard fork ask yourself:

* Why schedule those “updates” especially if they are not unanimous?
* Since when is aggressive war announced in advance?
* Why wait for the 15th Nov if you deem yourself powerful enough to sway the majority hash rate to join your side anyways?
* Why bind yourself to a specific date that is defined by social consensus rather than hash power?

I only can interpret the lack of aggressive hash war as an **admission of weakness** (of both main adversaries).

If both parties battling for the throne are indeed weaker than they want us to believe and don’t have the arguments (yet) to shift public (investors) sentiment at any time before the “scheduled update” they likely fear to lose out to the **”zero option”** (aka status quo). In that sense I think it is beneficial for both parties to steer up drama in order to divert from inherent weaknesses. Making us believe that there are only two options forward is kind of the same logic that applies to media drama before big elections (e.g. Democrats vs. Republicans) when there are other options (parties) as well.

This diversion helps the establishment. Not the constituents (investors).

If Bitcoin is truly about free choice we have to seriously take into account other options.

If the community falls for the age old ‘divide et impera’ manipulation tactic and gives up its rights to keep the protocol (constitution), we lose an important philosophical battle. Actual **progress** will never be stopped by slow and **thoughtful decisions**. The best example is BCH over BTC. However hasty and weak decisions can ruin whole countries.

In other words: When in doubt zoom out and do nothing. Give the miners time to win the hearts of the majority over a period of time and by exposing themselves to uncertainty and constant scrutiny. Every empire wants fast and decisive battles (think of Vietnam or Afghanistan or Iraq or…) . But that’s not how it normally works. At least not in the real world.


1. the hard fork (date) is a social construct.
1. there is always a third (and more often than not safe) option called status quo.
1. proof of social media (including DYOR) is the communication tool for investors and no matter what miners want you to believe more important than hashes!
1. you don’t win a war because you have more soldiers (hashes) on the ground. you win the war only if you win the hearts of the people (investors).
1. live up to your role as sovereign individual by fully part-taking in the ecosystem (know your rights). vote with your feet and if necessary (after due diligence YOU spot a hostile take-over) dilute the value of BCH by divesting from it.

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