CryptoCurrency : A little reminder just how necessary crypto is

CryptoCurrency : A little reminder just how necessary crypto is

My girlfriend needed to transfer money to Mexico. We’re in Canada so the conversion was CAD -> MXN. She told me she normally uses western union which costs 10$ flat fee, instead I suggested PayPal (I thought Paypal to Paypal is free transfers and crypto is still too complicated).

She sent 800 CAD to Mexico… Her friend got 700. 100$ is a big deal in Mexico and that’s like 12.5%. We had to call PayPal twice for confusing bs, and ended up paying a fee we were trying to avoid (using PayPal email and not business link)… Without any warning 4.5% was charged as a international border fee and the rest was “Commission”… There was no noticeable warning about these charges.

She cried out of frustration, I decided to boycott PayPal, and couldn’t help but be excited for the day the world can easily use crypto. This whole “sending money internationally is expensive” bs needs to stop. The world is digital now, fuck off.

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