CryptoCurrency : buy the rally..

CryptoCurrency : buy the rally..

if you smart and not poor bear buy rally or cry q1 2019. you must take risk life if you want be rich. bear make no more money now short are to much risk now. why are you sell low? not listen to bear he tell you sell low and like he now hit crack pipe. buy the rally and acumulate more coin. the buy is not over. if you want safe invest go buy gold or play basketball game at gym against one leg grandama for $50 or become crack seller to bears

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Bitcoin : Bitcoin or Microwave ?????

Bitcoin : In light of artificially rising SV prices and the recent lawsuit against Roger Ver & Jihan, it is time for large SV bagholders to start dumping SV. This is a war of “who can throw the most money around” (lawsuits & pumping SV price both cost $). Time to counter-act, large SV bagholders (Roger&Jihan)